Education Reform and Economic Justice

· Art education in every school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Nation

· Develop a curriculum based on strategies to prepare people for success.

· Financial Literacy

· A curriculum that celebrates cultures and builds unity.

· We need to fully fund education including equitable pay teachers and professors.

· Fully fund lead and asbestos removal from every school in the nation. Our youth deserve to learn in clean, safe, and fully funded schools. Invest in our schools now!

Economic Justice/Poverty

· Free Community Colleges

· Education that helps people build lives.

• End the school-to-prison pipelines.

Combating Gun Violence

· Our platform wants to work with neighborhoods in a grassroots effort lead by grassroots ideas and legislation. Create a system that will go after the illegal gun trade in neighborhoods in our nation.

· We need neighborhood focus approaches that are community-driven.

· Develop real partnerships between the community, city, state, and federal departments.

· Advocate with Community members to help the city, state, and federal governments to align with community perspectives

Fight Against Racial and Gender Injustice

· It starts with every citizen having a right to vote. Stop voter suppression! Create a political system that works for the people not political party agendas!

· We will stop any legislation at the city, state, and federal levels that violate our constitutional right to vote. Our vote is our voice and with that voice, we can make the changes needed in our nation.

· Electing people who will change a self-serving government to a government by people and for the people.

We will peruse and fight any city, state, or federal laws and policies that directly target people base on their ethnicity, gender, gender identity, mental health, or preexisting condition.

We will address how laws and policy impact indigenous people and their lands.

Opioid Crisis

· Our office will be located at Kensington and Allegheny.

· We will develop community center approaches that will improve the quality of life for all citizens of Kensington. Supporting our children with safe transpiration, address food insecurities, and protect the most vulnerable.

· Develop new systems and strength-proven methods of treatment for people in addiction. Address housing insecurity, food insecurities and legalize medical marijuana to help people off addiction. Help people in addiction when they are ready and help them build a life and community. Develop a process of evaluation to adjust and correct mistakes. Develop and plan a community-centered approach for Harm Reduction. We will march and advocate with communities against force city policies and practices that continue to fail.

· We must stop moving the problem North and finally address the factors that are creating one of the worst opioid crises in the nation. We will build a multi-faceted approach that will work if you all vote, participate, and hold elected leaders accountable.

Fair Housing

· HUD/PHA is the biggest contributor to homelessness, displacement, and gentrification. At the Federal level, we will work within the communities developing and using grassroots methods to help guide legislation to end homelessness.

· Suing or holding HUD/PHA accountable while protecting the most vulnerable.

· Supporting grassroots efforts for equity in housing.

· Restructure legislation to hold developers accountable including abuse of the LLC system. End underpinning of properties without consent. Structure the laws to stop developers who use our legal system to infringe on people’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We will fight city, state, and federal legislation that directly impacts low-income communities and but the burden of proof on the victims of bad laws, practices, and policy!

Criminal Justice Reform

· End the school-to-prison pipeline.

· Establish free college for non-violent offenders.

· A probation system that supplies housing, food, education, and builds a life rather than imprisons people with no hope of rehabilitation.

· Propose and build legislation that will build a carceral system that empowers people and their community. The goal is to end mass imprisonment.


· Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be granted to every American.

· Stop bills from becoming laws that target the LGBTQIA+ communities.

· Full funding for organizations that works to strengthen, build, and support the LGBTQIA+ communities.

· Targeted funding for support systems in public schools, colleges, and universities. Purposeful funding means real support!

Health Care / Mental Health

· Health Care for All NOW approach.

· Mental Health for every student in college regardless of age! Mental health must be included in the child’s development and should be part of every school curriculum. Mental health is a tool for success.

· Develop strategies to target immediate groups that need health care NOW. All restaurant and service industry works, every public school and college student must have full-service health care NOW.

· Strategies to finally serve our veterans NOW. Including an oversight committee made up of veterans to hold systems accountable!


· Funding for the arts, to be included in all school curriculum. Including teacher pay and support systems.

· Funding and support for artists, including economic development strategies that support and grow artist initiatives.


· Restore the right to strike without losing pay or jobs

· Restore the right to bargain in good faith

· Restore the strength and leverage of Unions to build economic wealth for its members

Puerto Rico

· Reparations for 100 years of colonialism

· Stop wall street from controlling the economic future of Puerto Rico

· Develop legislation that will allow Puerto Rico to become economically strong by developing farming, industry, and environmental justice as an economic engine (GREEN NEW DEAL.)

· Begin the process of ending the Jones Act and all legislation that has a negative impact on the island and the people of Puerto Rico

Environmental Justice

· It is unconstitutional to destroy our environment. We need to protect our green spaces

· Support legislation to build new green spaces where communities can utilize the space to simply grow food. (Addressing Food desert issues)

Create legislation that will develop systems to empower communities to control development and stop the abuse of current and new green space.